LED Variable Message Signs (VMS)

The variable traffic signalization is a set of products, based on LED technology, that allows displaying of variable information to the participants in traffic, about the status of the road, restrictions which they must obey to, as well as other useful information. As such, they are a part of the System for intelligent traffic management – ITS. The devices are manufactured according to the European standard EN12966, which strictly defines the appearance and the physical parameters of these devices, in order to avoid confusion and undesirable effects on traffic participants. Consequently, devices, belonging to the corpus of variable traffic signalization are of high quality, robust, resistant to mechanical damages, climate changes and pollution. Also, devices are characterized by the excellent visibility in all weather conditions. Among the most represented devices within the variable traffic signalization are devices for controlling of the movement of vehicles in traffic lanes (LCS), speed limit devices (VSLS), variable traffic signs (VMS), dynamic road information portal devices (DRIP) and so on.

LCS enables movement permission of the vehicle in the lane, when a green arrow is displayed, the restriction of movement, when the red cross is displayed, or the need for changing the lane, when yellow slanted arrow is displayed.

VSLS has a certain number of impressions of levels of speed limits, for example from 20 to 120, within a red circle, where certain level is triggered based on specific commands.

VMS is a device that enables set of impressions of different warning signs displayed (road works, required direction, crossing with the priority road, etc. ..), depending on the wish of the customer.

DRIP is a device, mounted over the highway across its entire width and is usually used for the combined display of service informations and speed limit signs and / or warning signs.