Automatic Passenger Counting (APC)

“Novatronic” would like to present you IRMA Matrix sensors, the leading product for Automatic Passenger Counting (APC).

The IRMA Matrix sensor are innovative and most advanced devices. The measuring principle is based on a matrix of 500 pixels (sensor array) with which the sensor gauges the distance to the object and detects it three-dimensionally. This is made possible by the so- called time-of- flight (TOF) technique. This technique uses the phase difference between the transmitted and the decoded signals from the sensor; so the distance to the object is calculated from the run-time of the signal. In this way the presence and movement of persons within the visual field can be determined with very high accuracy.

Based on this principle a highly accurate passenger counting with a defined absolute accuracy is possible. The high stop accuracy of IRMA Matrix meets strictest standards for automatic passenger counting. This allows new applications in public transport, e. g. real-time capture of passenger load.

The installation costs are minimized thanks to the high integration of the sensor: IRMA Matrix is characterized by its direct connection to Ethernet or CAN with no further system component. In addition, you need only one IRMA Matrix sensor per standard door.

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