An Entry into the Romanian Market- SC PUBLITRANS 2000 – City of Pitesti Project

At the end of 2014.  company “Novatronic” was hired to equip 70 vehicles, intended for the city of Pitesti, Romania. In this way, one of the this year’s most important goals of the company “Novatronic” has been achieved, i.e the entry into the Romanian market. The entire project will be implemented,  in cooperation with “Solaris […]


Company “Novatronic” at the 65th IA Fair in Hannover

The company “Solaris Bus & Coach” from  Poland has presented its latest bus “Urbino 12” on the 65th traditional fair in Hanover. All information displays, installed on the vehicle “Urbino 12”, were designed and produced by company “Novatronic”. In this way, within the cooperation with “Solaris Bus & Coach”, company “Novatronic” indirectly presented its  devices […]


Integration of “NT” devices with the “Bus Plus” system

The Expert Service of “Novatronic”,  in cooperation with a team of engineers of “Appex Solutions”,  managed to integrate our devices into” Bus Plus”  ticketing system. In this manner, by integrating two independent systems into a single one, a maximum utilization of the system is reached, and thus, a significant costs reduction is achieved. For the […]


We have completed the project of production and delivery of 630 station displays for the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia

At the end of July 2014, we successfully completed the project of equipping the Bulgarian capital with our equipment. The delivery of the last series of station displays, i.e. the finishing of the whole project, is one more proof of the quality and competitiveness of the Novatronic company. Owing to exceptional quality, as well as […]


Continuation of cooperation with Prague, Czech Republic

It is with great pleasure that we emphasize that our multi-annual cooperation with company DPP Prague, Czech Republic is successfully continuing. By producing and delivering 55 LED display sets for passenger information in public transport, which will appear in the streets of Prague in the autumn 2014, “Novatronic” company has once again confirmed its presence […]


Delivery of the first series of station displays to the city of Sofia, Bulgaria

At the end of May 2014, Novatronic company delivered the first series of station displays for the city of Sofia. We proudly emphasize that Novatronic company succeeded in meeting all the production requirements and very short deadlines assigned to this project. In this way, Novatronic has once again proven its readiness to respond to complex […]

Ikarbus - Mercedes

Ikarbus-Mercedes Project

As the leader in the production of LED displays for information of passengers in public transport in Serbia we proudly emphasize the involvement of Novatronic in the project of development and production of prototype vehicles IK 112 LE, which emerged in cooperation between Mercedes and Ikarbus. The vehicle is equipped with Novatronic NB colour matrix […]

Project for the city of Sofia, Bulgaria

Important news from the Novatronic company arrives to us in the end of 2013. With the city of Sofia, Bulgaria the production and delivery of 630 public information displays (station displays at bus stops) was contracted.  One part of the equipment will be charged with solar batteries and chargers. The project itself was funded by […]